Hello and thank you for stopping by.  I'm Stacey, founder/creator of Pure! Lather Inc., based in Airdrie, Alberta and if you live in this province, you will understand how dry our environment is.


I started with soap making as a way to help me with my extremely dry skin. I could not find relief in any of the over-the-counter products and I literally scratched my arms and legs until I had drawn blood, it was terrible.

Soap making found me, I was looking on the internet for a project my daughter and I could do, and soap making popped up - I never thought of making soap, after all, my initial thought was that was something my great grandmother did.  

So I set the idea aside.  

A few weeks later I decided to re-visit those sites, look deeper into the oil properties and it has been a blessing since.  After some trial and error and encouragement from my friends, here is Pure! Lather Inc. today.

I believe in the benefits of natural raw materials, the benefits of essential oils, the benefits of natural colorants and believe in the final natural products that I create. 

All of my products use unrefined butters and oils where/when possible, all soaps are palm oil free and only essential oils (and only those that are not on the endangered list) are used.  

Therefore, my promise to you is to provide the best in natural products, the best in customer service and being responsible to our environment (more in a blog about this later).


Keep it natural,